When we give a hand up,
it benefits all of us.

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The Social Hand Up is an event that brings creatives, entrepreneurs, and community members together to provide support and exposure to causes in our city—all while having a good time. 

Whether you do your part through your business, your volunteer work, your art, or even shopping locally--when we give a hand up, it benefits all of us.

2016 Beneficiary

This year we’re supporting ChopArt, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that connects artists with homeless youth to create healthy outlets for expression, growth, and personal development.  Through year round arts programming spanning all media including dance, theater, painting, and photography, ChopArt serves thousands of homeless youth in Atlanta, New Orleans, Hyderabad, India and Accra, Ghana. 

Who Comes to The Social Hand Up?

 Photos by  Jason Seagle  

Photos by Jason Seagle 

Our crowd spans across industries and includes entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, creatives, and passionate community members with the following key characteristics: ages 25-50 years, in-town and urban, socially conscious, and motivated to action.


The Social Hand Up launched in 2014, and since then we’ve raised over $6000 for our beneficiaries Operation PEACE (2014) and Wholesome Wave Georgia (2015).  

2016 Goals

This year we expect about 120 people and hope to raise at minimum $3000, which could provide half a school year of arts programming for 45-60 homeless young people.

Give a Hand Up

Your financial support of the Social Hand Up will help homeless youth gain healing, expression, and hope through art. ChopArt is currently working locally with 6 shelters and hosting 8 programs each year in each of those shelters. Last year, 9300 kids were exposed to arts programs through ChopArt programs with a focus on learning to use art as a medium for self-expression. For young people who's lives are quite complicated, this invaluable experience usually leads to increased capacity in school and more emotional security.   


Sends 15 kids to an arts & cultural outing with food & transportation. 

  • Sponsor signage on food/beverage tables
  • Logo/Recognition in event invites and website
  • 4 tickets to VIP event and main event


Provides 6 weeks of art programming for 15-20 homeless youth. 

  • Sponsor signage at event
  • Logo/Recognition in all event communication & customized social media promotion
  • Recognition in event presentation 
  • 16 tickets to VIP event and main event


provides a dance, painting, or photography program for 10 kids. 

  • Sponsor signage at event
  • Logo/Recognition in event invites and website
  • Recognition in event presentation 
  • 8 tickets VIP event and main event

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